“When your body doesn’t match your mind..”

This morning my transgender MtF partner of 3 years, who I adore and accepted as a male, and now as female, had an anxiety attack while getting ready to go run her errands.

She is self-conscious and hyper-aware of stares and funny looks from society in general.

Let’s face it people will stare at just about anything, or anyone!

We are in our mid-sixties and have quite a bit of history between us, individually and collectively.

I am a full-time power wheelchair user, with a congenital deformity that affected all four limbs, extremities and spine. I was the original Twisted Sister.

The first thing people notice about me are my crooked hands and power wheelchair. I attended 13 schools in five countries by the time I finished High School and believe my physical differences have given me a deeper insight into what it must be like to be born a transgender human.

The stress of being born into a body that does not match my mind is very similar to my partner’s dilemma, with herself and society in general.

Labels, regardless of source, segregate us and keep us from self-actualization and inner peace. When we human beings use labels negatively, along with all they conjure up in our minds against ourselves and others, we are stabbing ourselves over and over again by confirming that we do not belong.

Society creates cultural norms in hopes of manipulating us humans into believing and acting upon the human need for love and acceptance.

If I only look like this I will be accepted… if I only look like that I will be lovable… and loved…and so on. Those intrinsic needs have been so carefully exploited over the decades, to the point that we live a society that is constantly looking for approval, in whatever shape or form suits us, or doesn’t.

In an attempt to remind my partner of how we as human beings have been manipulated to conform I showed her this documentary, The Century of the Self which explains how we became so obsessed with fitting in.

I have shared that documentary here to help others diffuse the highly volatile rules that Society has now accepted as the norm.

After discussing this film and its impact on our Humanity she left to run her errands with her anxiety diffused, and a new perspective on herself and others.

I hope everyone watches this documentary because it is truly life-changing.

Be well.. and go in peace. ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’œโ˜ฎ

A Peek at Arthrogyposis

3 responses to ““When your body doesn’t match your mind..””

  1. You have had a hard life, and come through it all as a caring and compasionate person.
    You should be proud of that achievement.
    Thank you for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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