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  • My Quasi~Quadriplegic New Normal Life

    It’s been quite a good long while since I’ve popped in here to share my thoughts. We made it through the viral Covid, and now Omicron storm physically unscathed, thanks to our vaccinations, boosters and luck of the genetic draw. We spent our pre-vaccination months hunkered down at home, taking advantage of the benefits and […]

  • Touching Spirits

    I began writing this after a dear friend of mine suddenly became gravely ill, and was not expected to survive. It was my attempt to capture the thoughts and memories his friendship inspired. It was originally posted as a single entry in my old MySpace blog, that took on a life of its own. The […]

  • “When your body doesn’t match your mind..”

    This morning my transgender MtF partner of 3 years, who I adore and accepted as a male, and now as female, had an anxiety attack while getting ready to go run her errands. She is self-conscious and hyper-aware of stares and funny looks from society in general. Let’s face it people will stare at just […]

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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